Quintetto Inflagranti

Five brass players caught in the act!


Two trumpets, one horn, one trombone, one tuba and plenty of passion for music – that is Quintetto Inflagranti. 


The quintet gained its musical Feu sacré in 1993 during their studies at the Zürich Conservatory. Today the ensemble looks back on its long, successful history and is pleased that it has been able to perform so many concerts in and around Switzerland, entertaining a broad public with both celebratory and exciting brass music. 


Quintetto Inflagranti was two-time finalist for the Migros Chamber Music Contest and was invited in 2001 to perform the world premiere of a Sound-Installation from Philippe Kocher during the European Music Month. In addition to playing full recital programs in concert series for various promoters (Kulturgemeinschaft Uster, Konzerte in Küsnacht or the Musiksommer am Zürichsee) and performances at special locations (TV-Broadcasted Mass from Zürich Fraumünster Church, the Steamboat on Lake Lucerne or the Gerzensee Castle), Quintetto Inflagranti has, for decades, been a reliable partner for graduation ceremonies at the ETH Zürich and a musical highlight during holiday church services. 


The five professional musicians are musically versatile and feel at home playing a repertoire that spans over 500 years of music: from Renaissance dances and Classical or Romantic musical souvenirs to jazzy rhythms and other well-known modern musical melodies. Their repertoire, which is largely made up of exclusive transcriptions and compositions, also includes pieces written for more than just quintet, performing musical collaborations with organ as well as concerts with orchestra or soprano. 


Passing their love of music on to the next generation is a central goal of Quintetto Inflagranti. With the children’s concert programs «Circus Ottoni» and «Adventure on the Inflagranta», Quintetto Inflagranti has performed in small classrooms, as well as in concert halls, entertaining and exhilarating thousands of children and parents alike.